As United Methodists we participate in a connectional church that spans the entire globe. There are thousands of United Methodist Churches across the United States, but tens of thousands of churches world-wide. This connectional system allows us to do things collectively that would be difficult to accomplish as an individual church.
Most notably, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a disaster response ministry, similar to the Red Cross that is on site whenever and where ever help is needed. All United Methodist churches contribute funds to UMCOR and it is the largest international relief agency in the world.

UMCOR was first on the scene in the Haiti hurricane as well as all disasters, floods or devastating events in the United States or internationally. Our First UMC congregation has assembled kits in response to disasters including birthing kits, layette, first aid, school and health kits. The kits are sent to the Salt Lake City Depot where they are shipped to the countries in greatest need. For more information about UMCOR follow the link: